At Geoffrey Parker, we are mindful that all our materials are ethically sourced. Using such exotic skins such as Alligator comes with great responsibility; we ensure that all skins are obtained responsibly and in accordance with the official guidelines and breeding programs. We source these from farms so that harvesting is not detrimental to the species.  These captive breeding programs which are overseen and governed by CITES regulations since the 1970s has seen a huge growth in Alligator populations. Back then the population was near extinction; we’re pleased to say there are now over 200 Alligator farms in the US.

It is important to note that if Alligators are allowed to overpopulate, due to their territorial habits; biologists and conservations, warn that they will often turn to cannibalism. In addition to the harvesting of skins, Alligator meat is now also consumed. All skins are tagged and CITES documents note that these are ethically sourced.

As for Shagreen (or Stingray), this is fished in the Far East and is more plentiful than Salmon and Cod is in this part of the World.  Within this region this has been a main source of food protein for human consumption for over 2,000 years – the skins are a by-product of this fishing industry which in deemed NON-CITES.


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